GM Introduces Vehicle-to-Home Energy Storage with Electric Pickup Trucks

GM Introduces Vehicle-to-Home Energy Storage with Electric Pickup Trucks

20 April 2024GM has launched a new line of energy storage products, leveraging the bi-directional charging capability of its Chevy Silverado electric pickup truck, to power homes.

Electric vehicles inherently store energy, making them capable of powering other devices through outgoing cables. GM’s focus on electric pickup trucks presents a unique opportunity for zeroemission power at worksites and homes, reducing reliance on traditional diesel generators.

GM’s “V2H” bundle, under its GM Energy branch, includes EV charging station installation in partnership with Qmerit, a trusted charging station installer. This one-stop shopping model covers the cost of electrical work, permits, and coordination with utilities, ensuring a seamless experience for customers.

Customers like CleanTechnica’s Jennifer Sensiba have reported satisfactory experiences with Qmerit’s installation services, finding ways to optimize costs through incentives, rebates, and tax breaks. Qmerit’s upgraded system now provides comprehensive information to customers, facilitating cost-cutting avenues.


GM’s venture into vehicle-to-home energy storage aligns with the growing demand for sustainable solutions and the convenience of using electric vehicles for multifunctional purposes. This innovation not only reduces carbon footprint but also streamlines the transition to electric mobility and renewable energy integration in daily life.

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