Pune Startup Ditches One-Size-Fits-All Secures Rs 110 Crore Scholarships for Students

Pune Startup Ditches One-Size-Fits-All Secures Rs 110 Crore Scholarships for Students

20 April 2024 Punebased startup Ditches One-Size-Fits-All has secured scholarships worth Rs 110 crore for over 700 students across various universities, emphasizing personalized support and expert-led programs.

The startup offers a 10-month program to prepare students for master’s degree applications, providing expert-led sessions, personalized guidance, and tailored workshops to help students craft compelling applications.

Program Offerings for Different Student Groups

  • Profile Accelerator Program: Offers over 70 hours of virtual sessions for younger students, enhancing their profiles through hands-on projects and workshops.
  • Application Ally Program: Emphasizes extracurricular activities through Profile Building activities, aiding students in discovering and developing meaningful pursuits.
  • Comprehensive Guidance and Personalized Approach
  • Arya Diwase, co-founder of One-Size-Fits-All, highlights the aim to provide comprehensive guidance aligning personal narratives with professional aspirations, aiding students in excelling in the competitive application landscape.

The Application Ally cohort selects a group of students annually, offering personalized assistance and access to a network of ambitious peers, enhancing services for both schools and students.


With over 50 majors and placements across 12 countries, Application Ally’s student-centric approach supports the aspirations of India’s global students, aligning their goals with international opportunities.

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