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Aroleap in Shark Tank 3: Meet the genius IITians with the solution of weight training at home with personalized virtual trainer


The need of maintaining a healthy lifestyle has crossed all platforms. Well when I say platforms it also includes social media awareness as well,  about what to do and what not! Living the healthy life is no longer confined to the gym; it’s gone viral, quite literally! Social media has turned into our wellness BFF.

 Aman– Fitness ka jamana hai, aur har koi fit rehna chahta hai!

 Rohit–  But kya fit rehne ke liye gym jana zaroori hai?

 Anurag-Agar gym jana problem hai toh ghar mein gym le aao!

               (founders of Aroleap)

So with the idea of bringing a gym home, making India healthy, these genius IITians have innovated the revolutionary product which is going to ease the tension of buying all gym equipment to store at home.

So are you ready to take the leap with Aroleap?

Why is weight training important?

Weight training is crucial for overall health and well-being, offering a myriad of benefits. Beyond enhancing muscle strength and development, it promotes bone health, boosts metabolism, aids in fat loss, and improves body composition. The functional fitness gained through weight training supports daily activities, while the increased muscle mass contributes to a higher resting metabolic rate, aiding in weight management. 

Additionally, weight training fosters joint health, reducing the risk of injuries, and is associated with mental health benefits, such as reduced symptoms of depression and anxiety. Its positive impact on disease prevention, including cardiovascular conditions and diabetes, makes it a key component of a holistic approach to physical fitness.

Vision of three fitness freak friends: 

After completing their graduation from IIT-Delhi Rohit Patel, Anurag Dani and Aman Rai started their entrepreneurial journey. Keen about fitness, they embarked on the journey after researching space management. They replaced the physical plates with motors to create resistance to build a machine by which you can do weight training. 

When asked about their competitor “Mirror”, they said it only deals with body weight exercises, but with Aroleap you can do weights training like squats, deadlift, bench press, etc. They demonstrated the equipment to the Sharks.

The unique technology “Power Graph” also measures your fatigue level and maintains the next time you use it. The design of the resistance can also prevent muscle damage. Amazingly you can also plan out your workout with Aroleap. 

Aroleap, surpassing the constraints of conventional home gyms, consolidates over 100 gym exercises into a single compact unit. In a successful deal, the entrepreneurs secured Rs 1 crore for a 5% equity stake with notable investors including Amit Jain (CEO and Co-founder of CarDekho Group), Anupam Mittal (Founder and CEO of, Azhar Iqubal (Co-founder and CEO of Inshorts), and Peyush Bansal (Co-founder and CEO of

Wrapping up

Reflecting on their experience, Aman Rai shared, “Appearing on Shark Tank with our brand Aroleap was unlike anything we had encountered before. Despite having ample pitching experience, facing the camera in such a high-pressure setting was a novel challenge for us.”

He continued, “The Sharks demonstrated their ability to discern the intricacies of our business, pinpointing issues through insightful questioning. In the course of an hour, they provided profound, non-superficial, and actionable advice. This marked our initial opportunity to introspect on the nuanced aspects of leading a startup, and we have already commenced incorporating their feedback into our strategies”.


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