Assam CM Praises Bihu Competition Winners’ Entrepreneurial Spirit

Assam CM Praises Bihu Competition Winners' Entrepreneurial Spirit

22nd June 2024- Assam Chief Minister Dr. Himanta Biswa Sarma recently visited Jakhalabanda to meet with Hemprabha Biswas and Prabin Saikia, recognizing their entrepreneurial success stemming from their participation in a Guinness World Record-breaking Bihu competition.

During his visit, HCM Sarma praised Hemprabha Biswas and Prabin Saikia for their astute decision to invest the Rs 35,000 prize money from the Bihu competition into their respective ventures—a shop and a dairy business. This decision not only reflects their dedication but also underscores their foresight in utilizing funds to improve their livelihoods and contribute positively to the local economy.

Expressing admiration for their hard work and determination, HCM Sarma emphasized the significance of such initiatives in fostering personal growth and driving economic development in the region. He conveyed his best wishes to both individuals for their future endeavors, encouraging them to continue their entrepreneurial journey and make meaningful contributions to society.

The Chief Minister’s visit highlights the government’s support for grassroots entrepreneurship and celebrates individuals like Hemprabha Biswas and Prabin Saikia who exemplify innovation and economic self-reliance in Assam.

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