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Empowering Women’s Wellness, The Journey of FemFirst in Redefining Reproductive Health Care


Step into the world where women’s wellness takes center stage, where every phase of a woman’s reproductive journey is nurtured with compassion and care. Imagine a sanctuary where women find comfort, support, and guidance through every milestone of womanhood. Welcome to FemFirst, where we believe that every woman deserves holistic health and wellness tailored to her unique needs.

Founder’s Details:

Meet the trailblazer behind FemFirst, Sneha Shah. With 16 years of diverse experience across Delhi and NCR hospitals, specializing in Ob/Gyn, the physiotherapist pursued further education in Prenatal Fitness, becoming a childbirth educator and doula. Co-founding Karnataka’s premier birth center in 2019, she champions the midwifery model for holistic maternity care.

Sneha Shah

 Dedicated to providing comprehensive support from puberty to menopause, she offers sexual awareness programs, dietary guidance, and fitness regimes. Additionally, she conducts corporate sessions on women’s health, pregnancy, and parenting, aiming to enhance employee satisfaction and retention. Her ultimate goal is to ensure every woman in her community receives compassionate and connected care during pregnancy and beyond.

She was also a part of the prestigious IIMB-GS10K,the founder brings expertise and passion to redefine women’s health care.

The Story of FemFirst:

FemFirst’s journey began amidst the cluttered landscape of women’s health care, where poor quality services prevailed. Initially reliant on referrals, FemFirst faced skepticism from doctors and clients alike. However, through unwavering dedication and a commitment to compassionate care, FemFirst soon became a beacon of hope. Today, doctors eagerly refer their clients, acknowledging the transformative impact of FemFirst’s services.

Business Model:

FemFirst operates on a dual B2B and B2C model, providing client counseling for pregnancy care and birth, along with staff training at hospitals. Our holistic approach integrates physical, emotional, and educational well-being programs, ensuring comprehensive care for women at every stage of their reproductive journey.

Revenue Generation:

At FemFirst, sustainability is key to our mission. We generate revenue through our services, sustaining our staff and consultants to continue delivering exceptional care to women across India.

Vision for the Future:

Our mission is clear—to reduce unnecessary C-sections and promote natural birthing. With a vision to establish natural birth suites in hospitals nationwide, FemFirst aims to create an integrated team of medical professionals committed to offering natural birthing experiences.

Tackling Challenges with Care

Navigating the maze of women’s health can be daunting, but FemFirst steps in with its unique blend of compassion and expertise. From puberty blues to the joys of motherhood and the uncertainties of menopause, FemFirst is a guiding light through every phase. Founder’s 16 years of experience in women’s health and a passion for empowering women make FemFirst more than just a business—it’s a lifeline for those seeking holistic care. Despite initial skepticism from the medical fraternity, FemFirst’s unwavering commitment to reducing unnecessary C-sections and promoting natural birthing has earned the trust of doctors and patients alike.

Some More Stories

From Bangalore to Nationwide

What started as a humble endeavor in Bangalore has now blossomed into a nationwide movement. With doctors now enthusiastically referring patients and word-of-mouth spreading the message, FemFirst’s impact knows no bounds. From remote villages to bustling cities, FemFirst’s compassionate care is reaching women across India. The vision to set up natural birth suites in existing hospitals is not just a dream but a tangible goal, fueled by the collective passion of FemFirst’s dedicated team. As FemFirst continues to break barriers and redefine women’s healthcare, the journey towards a healthier, happier tomorrow for women everywhere has only just begun.

FemFirst is a testament to the transformative power of compassionate care in women’s wellness. Join us on this journey to redefine reproductive health care and empower women to embrace their journey with confidence and grace.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. What does FemFirst do?

FemFirst is a health and wellness center specializing in women’s reproductive health care.

2. How does FemFirst generate revenue?

FemFirst sustains itself through service fees, ensuring the continued provision of quality care.

3. Who founded FemFirst?

FemFirst was founded by Sneha Shah a serial entrepreneur with over 16 years of experience in women’s health.

4. What sets FemFirst apart from others?

FemFirst offers compassionate, continued, connected, and customized care, tailored to women’s unique needs.

5. Who are FemFirst’s target users?

FemFirst caters to women seeking holistic health and wellness solutions, including doctor referrals and word-of-mouth clients.

6. Where is FemFirst based?

FemFirst is headquartered in Bangalore, India, with services extending across the country.


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