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Can Two Cyber Enthusiasts from Hyderabad Change the Game? Explore Hackerinthehouse’s Unique Journey!


Ever felt like the digital world could use a guardian angel? Well, enters Hackerinthehouse, the brainchild of cybersecurity superheroes from Hyderabad, India. Creating a world where individuals and businesses can navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that their assets are safe from cyber threats. That’s the vision that drives Akhil Gabbeta and Soumyaranjan Pradhan, the dynamic duo behind Hackerinthehouse.

Join me on a journey as we uncover their remarkable story of determination, innovation, and the idea of cybersecurity excellence.

Founders’ Details

“Journey of an Engineering Graduate and 12th Dropout to Becoming Cybersecurity Entrepreneurs.” 

Akhil Gabbeta graduated with a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Guru Nanak Institute of Technical Campus. After graduation, he spent four years preparing for various state and central competitive exams. In 2020, Akhil embarked on a career in the IT industry, joining Concentric Daksh India Pvt Ltd.

During his tenure in the IT sector, Akhil became deeply concerned with the increasing cyber risks associated with loan applications, a situation so severe that it had led some individuals to suicide. This concern spurred him to delve into cybersecurity, where he educated himself about cyber crimes, data protection, and cybersecurity fundamentals.

While working in IT, Akhil earned a network security certification from Purple Synapz. In October 2022, he left his job to fully pursue a career in cybersecurity. This decision led him to join Hackerinthehouse as a network security trainer.

Akhil collaborated with Soumyaranjan and Lohithakash Nandhan to conduct cybersecurity training and awareness sessions at various colleges. Their collaboration culminated in the formal registration of Hackerinthehouse as HITH Technologies Pvt Ltd on April 19, 2023. Akhil now holds multiple roles within the company, serving as its Director, Chief Operating Officer, and as Co-founder and CEO.

The Story of Business

In Hyderabad, where Akhil and Soumyaranjan embarked on their entrepreneurial journey with a vision to revolutionize cybersecurity. From humble beginnings as an online training platform to the establishment of Hackerinthehouse Technologies Pvt Ltd, their path was paved with challenges and triumphs.

Despite initial setbacks and the temptation to throw in the towel, they persevered, fueled by their unwavering belief in the importance of cybersecurity education and innovation. With each obstacle overcome, their resolve grew stronger, making them move forward on a mission to make the digital world a safer place for all.

Business Model

Hackerinthehouse operates on a service-based business model, offering a wide range of cybersecurity consulting and training services. Their revenue streams primarily come from project-based fees, cybersecurity consulting services, and cybersecurity training programs. With a diverse client base spanning multiple regions, Hackerinthehouse has carved out a niche for itself in the cybersecurity industry, thanks to its specialized expertise and commitment to excellence.


Hackerinthehouse primarily generates its revenue through cybersecurity and software development projects. The company operates on a project-specific billing model, where fees are determined by factors such as project scope, required expertise, and duration.

  1. Cybersecurity Consulting Services: Hackerinthehouse offers a range of advisory services including risk assessments, vulnerability analyses, and the implementation of security measures. These services are tailored to strengthen clients’ cybersecurity postures. The consultancy fees are based on the specific requirements of the project and the level of expertise provided.
  2. Cybersecurity Training Programs:The company provides training programs and workshops aimed at educating clients and their employees on cybersecurity best practices, incident response, and more. Revenue from this segment is derived from fees charged for these educational sessions.
  3. Software Development Services:Hackerinthehouse also delivers software development services, encompassing design, development, and maintenance of secure software solutions. The pricing for these services typically depends on the complexity of the project, its timeline, and the resources involved.
  4. Product-based Revenue:Hackerinthehouse is set to enhance its revenue streams through the launch of four new cybersecurity products. The first product is scheduled for release in September 2024, with subsequent launches planned quarterly. These products will likely be offered to customers through licensing or subscription-based models.
  5. Potential Recurring Revenue:Additionally, the company may benefit from recurring revenue streams through retainer-based contracts for ongoing services such as cybersecurity monitoring, maintenance, or managed security services. These recurring revenue streams offer a more stable and predictable financial outlook for the business.

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By raising cybersecurity awareness and promoting best practices for cyberdefense, they aim to foster a resilient and cyber-aware ecosystem. Through continuous innovation, tailored solutions, and collaborative partnerships, Hackerinthehouse strives to be a leader in the cybersecurity industry, driving positive change and making the digital world a safer place for all.

With a team of dedicated professionals, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for innovation, Akhil and Soumyaranjan are on a mission to change the game and revolutionize cybersecurity as we know it. Their journey is a testament to the power of perseverance, determination, and the belief that with the right team and vision, anything is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services does Hackerinthehouse offer?

Hackerinthehouse offers cybersecurity consulting, training programs, and software development services.

How does Hackerinthehouse make revenue?

Hackerinthehouse generates revenue primarily through project-based fees, cybersecurity consulting services, and cybersecurity training programs.

Who are the founders of Hackerinthehouse?

Akhil Gabbeta and Soumyaranjan Pradhan are the co-founders of Hackerinthehouse.

What sets Hackerinthehouse apart from others?

Hackerinthehouse stands out for its specialized expertise in cybersecurity, diverse client base, and commitment to innovation.

What is Hackerinthehouse’s target audience?

Hackerinthehouse caters to individuals and businesses seeking comprehensive cybersecurity solutions.

How can I learn more about Hackerinthehouse?

Visit our blog at and our newly launched HITH social networking platform at for more information.


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