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Creating a home away from home with Oopar, Creating authentic and lasting friendships through Oopar

Oopar Club

In Bengaluru, a burgeoning social movement is taking shape, known as the Oopar Club. This initiative represents a significant shift in social dynamics, where the boundaries between virtual interactions and genuine human connections are blurred.

Spearheaded by three visionary entrepreneurs—Sagar Agrawal, Sourabh Akash, and Pragya Srivastava—the Oopar Club aims to address the prevalent issue of urban loneliness by fostering a vibrant community that serves as a supportive network for its members.

The Founders’ Tale

Sourabh Akash, Pragya Srivastava and Sagar Agrawal

It all started in a college dorm room, where dreams were as high as the midnight sky. Sagar, Sourabh, and Pragya, despite their diverse backgrounds, had one thing in common- a burning desire to make a difference. Their paths, intertwined by fate, led them to create Oopar Club, a testament to their friendship and vision.

A Leap of Faith

Leaving behind the security of their jobs, the trio embarked on an entrepreneurial journey fueled by passion and the drive to address a growing epidemic of urban loneliness. Oopar Club was their answer to the silent cries for meaningful connections in a fast-paced world.

From Concept to Reality

Transforming a concept into a thriving community wasn’t easy. The founders had to navigate through the complexities of building a platform that catered to the emotional and social needs of its members, all while ensuring it was fun, engaging, and, most importantly, genuine.

Crafting Unique Experiences

Oopar Club became a hub for creativity and exploration. From thrilling game nights to enlightening workshops, each event was carefully curated to ensure members not only had fun but also formed bonds that went beyond mere acquaintance.

Navigating the Startup Waters

Every startup faces its share of storms, and Oopar Club was no exception. The founders had to learn on the go, adapting their strategies, understanding their audience’s needs, and continuously innovating to keep the community vibrant and engaging.

The Power of Perseverance

Despite the hurdles, the founders’ unwavering commitment to their vision kept them going. They believed in the power of community and the difference Oopar Club could make in people’s lives, driving them to push boundaries and redefine social networking.

Changing Lives 

Oopar Club has become more than just a social platform; it’s a movement. With each event, members find themselves part of a growing family, where everyone is welcome, and every story matters.

From shy individuals to confident speakers, from hobbyists to professionals, Oopar Club has witnessed transformative journeys of personal and social growth among its members, proving that the right environment can indeed foster incredible changes.

Vision for Tomorrow

With ambitious plans to expand their reach and impact, the founders of Oopar Club are not just dreaming of a bigger community but a world where loneliness finds its cure in the warmth of friendship and shared experiences.

Oopar Club continues to open its doors to anyone seeking genuine connections and personal growth. It’s not just about joining a club; it’s about becoming part of a story that’s being written with every new friendship formed and every experience shared.

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If you’ve ever felt the pangs of loneliness or yearned for a community that gets you, Oopar Club might just be the family you’ve been looking for. So why wait? Dive into this vibrant community and discover the joy of true connections. Who knows, the next chapter in the Oopar Club story could be yours.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

What’s the essence of Oopar Club?

It’s a community where friendships blossom, and personal growth is nurtured.

Who founded Oopar Club?

Three friends from college who dreamed of changing the world: Sagar, Sourabh, and Pragya.

How does Oopar Club stand out?

It blends online and offline worlds to create authentic and lasting friendships.

Who can join Oopar Club?

Anyone in their 20s and 30s looking to broaden their social circle and grow personally.

Where is Oopar Club based?

The heart of Bengaluru, but its spirit knows no bounds.

Why should I join Oopar Club?

To be part of a community that values genuine connections and personal growth.


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