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Six Ladders by Satvik Thakkar and Dev Mishra in Mumbai is shaping the life of the students

Six Ladders

Out of 100%, only 20% of Indian engineers are employable by industry standards. Imagine a world where every college graduate not only has a degree but also the skills and opportunities to secure a meaningful job. Enter Six Ladders, an innovative solution designed to transform education and employment outcomes for students in India. Let’s dive into the inspiring journey of Six Ladders, where every step is a stride towards a brighter future.

Meet the Founders: Satvik Thakkar and Dev Mishra

Satvik Thakkar and Dev Mishra’s story is one of determination, resilience, and a shared vision. Raised by a single mother, Satvik was disillusioned with the Indian education system, a sentiment shared by his mother, a dedicated teacher. His outlook changed dramatically when he pursued his bachelor’s degree at Emory University in Atlanta, GA

There, he saw the stark differences between the Indian and American education systems, learning business from successful entrepreneurs and political conflicts from former White House advisors. Satvik returned to India with a burning desire to reform the educational landscape. Dev Mishra, a kindred spirit he met on LinkedIn, brought his unique ideas to Satvik’s project, Six Ladders. Their meeting at Kitchen Garden sparked a collaboration that would change the lives of thousands of students.

From Idea to Reality: The Birth of Six Ladders

In 2022, with the support of the New Education Policy (NEP), Satvik and Dev founded Six Ladders. Their goal was simple yet profound: to empower tier 2 and tier 3 colleges with industry-relevant courses that would bridge the employability gap. 

The company’s innovative approach integrates practical skills into traditional curricula, transforming how students learn and prepare for the job market. In its first year, Six Ladders partnered with leading colleges in Mumbai, introducing courses in AI/ML, Data Science, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and chip design. The results were astonishing—a 100% placement record for participating colleges.

A Unique Business Model: B2B2C

Six Ladders operates on a B2B2C model, uniquely catering to the needs of colleges, employers, and students. They earn through sponsorships, branding, recruiting, tests, and assessments during hackathons. Additionally, they offer integrated courses at Rs. 30,000 per annum per student. This flexible and affordable approach ensures that even the most resource-strapped colleges can provide their students with top-notch education and placement opportunities. 

“We focus on solving three main problems: budget constraints for startup brands, high costs of agency retainers, and the need for affordable digital marketing expertise,” Satvik shared in an interview with Karostartup.

Driving Revenue and Success

In its first year, Six Ladders generated a revenue of 3 crores, a testament to the demand for their innovative approach. This revenue model not only sustains the company but also allows them to reinvest in developing more comprehensive and cutting-edge courses. The company’s success is a direct result of its commitment to quality education and practical training, which resonate deeply with both students and employers.

Vision and Mission: Empowering the Future

Six Ladders is driven by a powerful vision to empower tier 2 and tier 3 colleges with new-age industry-relevant courses. Their mission is to make digital marketing accessible, intuitive, and results-oriented for startups. By championing the power of storytelling and integrating it with data-driven strategies, Six Ladders crafts every educational strategy as a narrative that inspires and educates.

Innovative Steps to Success

The Six Ladders program is structured around a six-step approach:

  • Learning:  Integrating industry-relevant curricula in various streams.
  • Application:  Engaging students in practicals and projects linked to industry partners.
  • Competition:  Hosting hackathons and case studies for benchmarking.
  •   Guidance:  Providing sessions with industry leaders and soft skills development.
  • Experience:  Offering internships for real-world exposure.
  • Employment:  Securing job placements for students.

This comprehensive model ensures that students are not only academically proficient but also industry-ready.

 Challenges and Success

Initially, Six Ladders aimed to simplify the student placement process with a tech-based solution. However, they quickly faced significant hurdles: overwhelmed professors and placements often treated as extracurricular activities.

Tier 2 and 3 colleges, in particular, struggled with placements and infrastructure. Despite these challenges, Six Ladders persevered, creating a program that seamlessly integrates into any college’s existing framework. This approach has not only addressed systemic challenges but also fostered unprecedented success.

Some More Stories

 A Journey of Impact 

Six Ladders

In their inaugural year, Six Ladders facilitated over 3,000 interviews and secured more than 200 positions for internships and full-time roles. Their reach extended to over 10,000 students across Mumbai, providing them with invaluable guidance and practical skills. By bridging the gap between education and employment, Six Ladders is creating a lasting impact on the lives of countless students and their families.

Whether you’re a college administrator looking to enhance your curriculum, an employer seeking skilled graduates, or a student aspiring for a successful career, Six Ladders is your partner in achieving these goals. Their innovative approach, commitment to quality education, and unwavering dedication to student success make them a beacon of hope in the Indian educational landscape. Ready to transform education and create brighter futures? Join Six Ladders today and climb the ladder to success!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Six Ladders? 

Six Ladders is an education and HR tech company based in Mumbai, aiming to bridge the employability gap in India by providing industry-relevant courses to tier 2 and tier 3 colleges.

How does Six Ladders generate revenue? 

Six Ladders earns through hackathon sponsorships, branding, recruiting, tests, assessments, and integrated courses priced at Rs. 30,000 per annum per student.

Who founded Six Ladders? 

Six Ladders was founded by Satvik Thakkar and Dev Mishra, who met on LinkedIn and shared a vision to reform the Indian education system.

What makes Six Ladders different from other educational solutions? 

Six Ladders is unique in its comprehensive approach, addressing the entire lifecycle of a student’s college experience from learning to employment, specifically targeting the needs of tier 2 and tier 3 colleges.

Who are the target users of Six Ladders? 

The target users are colleges, employers, and students, reached through events, hackathons, and networking initiatives.

What is the vision of Six Ladders? 

The vision of Six Ladders is to empower tier 2 and tier 3 colleges with industry-relevant courses, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills required to secure meaningful employment.


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