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Buy The Most Suitable Products For Yourself With Unsweetened Beauty

Unsweetened Beauty

Did you know? 87% of beauty products purchased go unused?

Which is, almost 9 products out of 10 that you purchase, go to waste. There’s no denying that beauty is a confusing field. With so many products around, it is almost impossible to pick the right one. To help the customers solve this issue, Unsweetened Beauty was launched by a dynamic trio in 2020.

Want to know more about this brand? Don’t worry, this article covers all the necessary information about Unsweetened Beauty, its founder, vision, future goals, overall journey and much more.

Everything About Unsweetened Beauty 

Unsweetened Beauty is a beauty tech platform that uses AI-powered algorithms to match every user to the right product based on their personal profiles. They call themselves “Tinder for beauty products.” They make it easy for users to swipe left and right on products and find a match based on their needs and preferences. This unique venture discovers patterns in the data using various artificial learning tools to help users make the right decision regarding their product purchase.

Meet the Dynamic trio

Three determined individuals, Vaishnavi, Arthi, and Rohan started this innovative platform to cater to different needs and requirements of today’s generation. Vaishnavi comes from a data analytics background and has been working in the startup ecosystem since the beginning of her career.

She was the data lead for projects that were designed for clients such as PepsiCo, Unilever, P&G and other leading FMCG brands

Arthi is the product co-founder of Unsweetened Beauty, with a passion for creating meaningful and user-centric technology. She pursued a degree in Cognitive Science and AI Systems from UC Berkeley.

She served as a founding data scientist for several VC-backed AI startups in Silicon Valley. Meanwhile, Rohan is an experienced technology leader with a proven track record in innovative solutions. He brings extensive expertise in backend development, system optimization, and team leadership. He is passionate about utilizing technology to enhance user experiences and drive business success.

Vaishnavi, Arthi & Rohan

Business model of Unsweetened Beauty

Unsweetened Beauty operates on a B2C (Business-to-consumer) business model. This model allows the company to offer its top-notch and high-quality beauty services directly to the customers. The company makes money through product affiliations.

Since its establishment, the venture has made a good amount of money by paying minute attention to the requirements of various customers. In a short period, it has established itself as a trustworthy partner in the beauty industry.

To make every user feel confident with their purchases

Beauty industry has become a confusing minefield, there are way too many products to choose from. More than 20 working days in a year are wasted trying to find the right beauty products. And interestingly, more than 75,000 beauty products are unused by a single beauty user. To solve this issue, Unsweetened Beauty offers their expert guidance in helping customers find the products they actually need. This automatically makes every user confident about the purchase they make.

Journey so far

The idea of establishing this unique venture came when the founders faced similar issues when they were trying to buy beauty products just like the 300 users they spoke to. The issues were that because of so many products in the market, even after getting recommendations from a dermatologist, friend or family member, reading reviews users ended up purchasing a product that didn’t even solve their problems which led to  wastage of money and time.

And to solve this concern, Vaishnavi and Arthi formed a skincare community and one of the community members who had severe acne asked us for recommendations.

She already received recommendations from experts, friends and family but nothing worked for her. This led to severe mental issues for the community member who felt ashamed to show her real face to anyone.

They realised how challenging the entire process was.  As a part of helping their community, they started collecting recommendations from experts too. They decided to scale this up and help every user purchase a product based on their own profiles and get recommendations from their digital twins. 

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Unsweetened Beauty has established itself as a successful and trustworthy platform by offering its expert assistance and guiding the customers to find the perfect products for them. The dedicated team is always there to help its users in figuring iut what they should buy to save their money and time. So what are you thinking? Go and check out their amazing services right now!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Who are the founders of Unsweetened Beauty?

Vaishnavi, Arthi and Rohan collectively founded this venture. 

Q2. What business model is adopted by the company?

The brand adopts a B2C business model to offer its high-quality services.

Q3. What is the future goal of Unsweetened Beauty?

It aims to be the No.1 beauty tech platform in India and match every user to the right products.


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