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WASTE IS GOLD TECHNOLOGIES, Know More About The 100 crore Sustainable Waste Management Company


We have heard so much about “Old is gold” but all that is old needs to be recycled. Rather dumping it cluelessly hither and thither we should follow sustainable methods. Here is the revolutionary story of  “Waste is Gold”, presenting us the door to a new future.

“Waste Is Gold” sprouted from a visionary dream in 2013—to revolutionise waste management with reliable, comprehensive solutions to reduce the landfill crisis. The journey unfolded with small experiments in creating a machine in 2015 which could turn organic waste into compost within a mere 14 days.

Waste is Gold Technologies commits to a better future, “We’re not just about managing waste; we want to create a system where every piece of food waste becomes helpful organic fertiliser for farms, making better-quality organic food. We believe this doesn’t just manage waste but also makes life better.”

It is not just a solution—it has become the go-to place for everything related to waste. With expertised advisors and innovators , they are making a company;  an awakening movement to make a big difference in how we handle waste. “Waste Is Gold” is ready to be a leader in sustainable waste solutions. 

Our Team  :

1. Sandeep Tiwari, the Managing Director and founder of Waste is Gold Technologies. It requires innovative thinking to shape your ideas by bringing in the required efforts to build something. 

Sandeep Tiwari is an MBA graduate and innovator behind the remarkable development!

With 8 years of experience in the solid waste management processing industry, his innovation has been a driving force behind the company’s success in waste management technologies and implementation.

Sandeep says to Karostartup “As the founder of Waste Is Gold, our journey towards realising the vision of zero landfills has been marked by numerous stumbling blocks. We’ve navigated through challenges in terms of finances, grappling with government regulations, and the uphill battle of running the company on a bootstrapped model. The financial hurdles were real and often daunting, requiring strategic thinking and resourcefulness to overcome. 

Navigating the intricate landscape of government regulations proved to be a complex task, demanding both patience and perseverance. Operating as a bootstrapped company added an additional layer of difficulty, pushing us to be creative in finding solutions and efficient in resource allocation. The heart of our journey lies in pushing through innovations. Developing cutting-edge technologies for waste management required unwavering commitment and a willingness to take risks. The challenges of product development were significant, demanding time, effort, and a continuous learning process. However, it was through these challenges that we refined our solutions and ensured their effectiveness.  

2. Sujay Rokade, The Director with expertised knowledge of mechanical design and manufacturing. He has 8+ years of experience in special purpose machine manufacturing. Sujay holds a Bachelor’s degree in Automobile Engineering. His keen eye for details adds value to the company’s growth. 

3. Shane D’souza  – brings a unique blend of sales acumen, tech-savvy insights, and a passion for continuous learning. A top performer in Science and Mathematics during Junior College, Shane holds degrees in Electronics and Communications engineering and Business Administration. Alongside his classmate and friend Sandeep Tiwari, he forms the core of the company. Shane’s dedication to solving solid waste management challenges is more than a job—it’s a passion project. As an ambivert and highly empathetic individual, he thrives on understanding client needs, offering solutions, and advocating global best practices. Beyond the business world, Shane finds joy in maintaining plants, caring for animals, and indulging his love for aquatic life as an avid Aquarist. With his diverse skill set, Shane embodies the essence of a well-rounded entrepreneur.

4. Mita Tiwari, The Director, a software engineer with over a decade of experience in companies like TCS, Schneider Electric, and IBM. Driven by a passion for environmental sustainability, she effortlessly integrates innovative technologies, particularly in IoT, at Waste Is Gold. Mita’s expertise extends beyond coding; she actively manages financial risks and seeks ways to contribute to the environmental cause. Her unique blend of technical prowess and environmental consciousness makes her an indispensable force in steering technological initiatives at Waste Is Gold.

5. Premika Thirumur – Premika Thirumur, a seasoned business professional and entrepreneur, is driven by a passion to contribute positively to the world. With a rich career spanning 12 years in social welfare, including roles as a life coach, interpreter, advocate for the hearing impaired, public speaker, fundraiser, and disaster relief coordinator, she has honed invaluable people skills and gained a unique perspective. Boasting a decade of entrepreneurial expertise in the dynamic Event Management industry, her company, Butterfly Express, is a renowned name in Bangalore for kids’ events.

Now, returning to her roots of social entrepreneurship, Premika is pursuing her lifelong dream of creating a cleaner and better India. As a Director at Waste is Gold, she brings her extensive experience and multinational background to drive innovation, foster market connections, and fuel business growth.

To introduce a bit about our Company – 

Waste is Gold emerged with a visionary goal—to offer efficient, time-saving, and cost-effective solutions for Urban Waste Management. The flagship product, the Gold Composter, born after 5 years of dedicated research and development, has, in the past 18 months, found success in over 150 locations across south India. This eco-friendly marvel not only reduces costs and energy consumption but also plays a crucial role in contributing to a cleaner India.

What sets Waste is Gold apart? 

Think 8 hours for composting, 7-8 units of electricity for 100kgs, and just half an hour of manpower per day. Added to that its compact size and the high-quality compost produced, ideal for on-site landscaping and gardens. The technology has gained approval from the National Green Tribunal and the Karnataka Pollution Control Board, earning the 24th spot on their Evaluated On-Site Technologies list for Wet Waste Processing—making it the fastest among all contenders.The company is currently valued at 100 Crore.

Vision – 

“Waste Is Gold Technologies has a Vision of making Zero Waste Dump Yards outside any City, Town or Village in the world by developing state of the art technologies which help in reducing organic waste – which accounts for more than 60% of Municipal solid waste – by converting it into enrich Compost, and by converting recyclable dry waste into useful resources. WIG sees the world without landfills.”

Mission – 

In their pursuit of a 100% scientific waste disposal system, Waste Is Gold focuses on tackling India’s waste management crisis. At the core of their solutions lies the advanced aerobic composting technology embodied in their flagship product, the Gold Composter. Developed over five years of dedicated research and development, this innovative technology processes organic waste, steering clear of harmful gases like methane and ensuring a low carbon footprint, while eliminating unpleasant odours.

Given that organic waste constitutes over 60% of India’s Municipal Solid Waste, Waste Is Gold’s decentralised waste management solutions emerge as a pivotal player in enhancing efficiency and curbing carbon footprints. The Gold Composter, successfully deployed in over 150 locations across India in the past five and a half years, proves instrumental in reducing costs, promoting energy savings, and contributing to the realisation of a cleaner and more sustainable India.

The target:

“Bulk waste generators like builders, manufacturing units , apartments, hotels , commercial building” 


Waste Is Gold is dedicated to sustainable waste management, epitomised by our exclusive and patented advanced aerobic composting technology. The heart of our innovation lies in the distinctive design of our bioreactors and bioculture, setting our Organic Waste Composter apart in the industry. Having applied for a patent, our unique solution is the result of five years of committed research and development.

Our revolutionary technology is capable of transforming any quantity of organic waste into nutrient-rich compost through a completely natural bio-mechanical process. This transformative process eliminates the need for burning, ensuring no harmful emissions and maintaining an exceptionally low carbon footprint. Our Organic Waste Composter meticulously controls temperature, air, and moisture conditions, facilitating aerobic composting for rapid decomposition.

The output from this composting process, known as OWC (Organic Waste Compost), requires no further processing. It can be directly placed into aerated crates for storage, ready for later use. The key to our technology lies in the utilization of proprietary bacteria, orchestrating the breakdown of organic waste in a remarkably short timeframe. The resulting compost is versatile, suitable for various applications such as agriculture, landscaping, and gardening.

Accepting a wide range of organic materials, including cooked food waste, bones, meat, feathers, eggshells, vegetable waste, tender coconut, horticulture waste, grass clippings, tissue paper, and more, Waste Is Gold’s Organic Waste Composter stands as an efficient and versatile solution. It’s crucial to note that for optimal composting, a proper ratio of carbon-rich materials (“browns”) and nitrogen-rich materials is recommended.

Sandeep says “Testing our products in the market marked a pivotal phase in our journey. Witnessing our innovations being implemented at over 150 locations in India provided valuable insights, helping us fine-tune our offerings and address real-world needs. Each stumbling block became a stepping stone, propelling us forward in our mission to transform waste into gold.   As the founder, I am proud of the resilience demonstrated by the Waste Is Gold team. Our collective commitment to the vision of zero landfills has enabled us to overcome obstacles, and we remain steadfast in our dedication to creating a sustainable and environmentally friendly waste management solution for India.”

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Summary : 

Waste Is Gold, in their commitment to a greener future, envisions a transformation where waste becomes a valuable resource, paving the way for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly approach to waste management. 

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

What is Waste is Gold?

Waste is Gold is a dynamic 360 degree solution for disposal and treatment of all kinds of solutions.

Who is the founder of Waste is Gold?

Sandeep Tiwari is the founder of Waste is Gold. 

How much time does it require for composting?

The machine requires 8 hours for 100 kgs and just half an hour of manpower everyday.


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