Zoho CEO Slams Competitive Exam Pressure in India: “A Rat Race to Extinction”

Zoho CEO Slams Competitive Exam Pressure in India: "A Rat Race to Extinction"

18 March 2024 – Sridhar Vembu, the CEO and creator of Zoho, referred to the competitive test pressure in India on Sunday as “a rat race to extinction.” In a post on X, Sridhar expressed his opinions over a commercial by FIITJEE, a prestigious educational institute, that criticized a student for receiving poor marks on a competitive test. The advertising said that the girl’s lower score was a result of her leaving FIITJEE to enrol in a different institution.

Sridhar said, “India has to break free from this extremely competitive exam pressure on children and young adults.” “All too often, extreme pressure throughout childhood obliterates talent and produces zombie-like adults. 

“We discuss how parents encourage their children to do well on the IIT JEE, but what about this kind of promotion where you humiliate a student for not meeting expectations? Disgusting @fiitjee, “said the post.


“You will only succeed if you arrive at work with a clear purpose in mind. According to reports, in one of the emails, Dinesh Kumar Goel, the managing director and founder of FIITJEE, said that earning a salary is not a matter of right; rather, one must earn it by doing the tasks that are required of them.


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