Bengaluru Drone Firm Honored Nationally for Sikyara Tunnel Rescue Assistance

Bengaluru Drone Firm Honored Nationally for Sikyara Tunnel Rescue Assistance

2 April 2024 – Squadrone Infra and Mining, a Bengaluru-based drone startup, received recognition from the Department of Scientific and Industrial Research (DSIR) for its pioneering research and development (R&D) efforts in drone-based artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) surveillance technologies. The acknowledgment comes following Squadrone’s crucial involvement in the successful rescue operation at the Silkyara tunnel in Uttarakhand.

The CEO of Squadrone, Cyriac Joseph, hailed the DSIR recognition as a significant achievement in the company’s pursuit of advancing scientific research and development in drone technology. He emphasized Squadrone’s dedication to contributing to India’s global reputation as an R&D hub through innovative initiatives.

The recognition underscores Squadrone’s commitment to innovation and excellence, particularly in the domain of mining and tunnelling. Leveraging its extensive expertise in these sectors along with cutting-edge drone technology, Squadrone has become a leader in digital transformation through AI & ML applications, specifically tailored to mining and tunnelling operations.

Backed by a multidisciplinary team comprising mining engineers, drone pilots, geologists, and other specialists, Squadrone focuses on providing holistic solutions to mining companies. By forging strategic partnerships and collaborations on a global scale, the company aims to revolutionize the mining and tunnelling industry in India, particularly in areas like safety, planning, design, and operational efficiency.

Squadrone’s approach transcends conventional drone usage, offering innovative solutions that address specific challenges faced by mining companies. This approach aligns with the company’s mission to drive technological advancements and enhance operational capabilities in the mining and tunnelling sectors.


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