India Has More Industrial Experience Than China

India Has More Industrial Experience Than China

02 April 2024 – Dr S. Jaishankar, India’s External Affairs Minister (EAM), commended the country’s manufacturing sector and said that businesses such as Apple find India a better place to do business than China. Speaking to business executives, Jaishankar highlighted how India’s excellent governance has gained international recognition over the last ten years.

Jaishankar used the well-known semiconductor giant Micron as an example, which chose to locate its facility in Gujarat last year. He said that in their recent meeting, the CEO of Micron praised the aggressive measures taken by the Central Government of India as well as the state government of Gujarat.

The CEO said that they were aggressively pursued with a well-defined timeline, demonstrating India’s willingness to support investments. The EAM emphasised that prospective investors are under pressure to invest in India because of the well-prepared infrastructure and facilitation in place, given the country’s existing economic climate.


He emphasised that the international investment community views India more favourably when multinational corporations such as Apple, which is renowned for producing most of its products in China, provide more positive references regarding their experiences in India.


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