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BRISKPE, Your Trusted Partner for Fast and Secure Global Payments


In the bustling business landscape of 2023, emerges BRISKPE, a revolutionary cross-border payments platform with a laser focus on empowering Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs).

Founded by the dynamic trio of Sanjay Tripathy, Indunath Choudhary, and Nilesh Pathak, BRISKPE envisions a world where global transactions are not just seamless but also cost-efficient, faster, and hassle-free.

Based in the vibrant city of Mumbai, BRISKPE positions itself as the launchpad for innovation in cross-border payments. Mumbai’s bustling business environment aligns perfectly with BriskPe’s vision of transforming global payments for MSMEs.

The Visionaries Behind the Innovation

Sanjay Tripathy: With over 30 years of diverse experience across industries and geographies, Sanjay Tripathy is the strategic mind behind BRISKPE. His leadership roles in organizations like HDFC Life, Pepsi, and Reliance bring a wealth of expertise to the table.

Indunath Choudhary: Bringing 14 years of experience in Banking and Non-Banking sectors, Indunath Choudhary specializes in Lending, Trade, Payments, and Supply Chain domains. His rich industrial experience forms the backbone of BRISKPE’s financial prowess.

Nilesh Pathak: With a global perspective shaped by roles in NIUM, JP Morgan & Chase, and Dentsu Isobar, Nilesh Pathak’s 25+ years of experience contribute to BriskPe’s technological innovation. His focus on Cross Border Payments, Treasury, and Global Regulatory and Risk Management reflects in BRISKPE’s advanced solutions.

Sanjay, Nilesh & Indunath

Unraveling BriskPe’s Business Model

BRISKPE operates on a transparent fee structure, charging a flat 1% (inclusive of GST) on total transaction amounts. This revolutionary approach eliminates traditional international fees, including SWIFT charges, FIRC expenses, and high forex charges. The result? A streamlined, cost-effective solution for MSMEs engaged in cross-border transactions.

Empowering MSMEs: The Core Vision

BRISKPE‘s mission is crystal clear – empower MSMEs to reduce costs, streamline global operations, and boost their global competitiveness. With multi-currency virtual accounts, the platform ensures seamless fund reception in local bank accounts, transforming the way businesses transact internationally.

Addressing Challenges and Transforming Transactions

BRISKPE addresses the payment challenges faced by Indian MSMEs in cross-border trade. These challenges include high transaction fees, exchange rate volatility, payment delays, and lack of transparency. By providing a streamlined and cost-effective solution, BRISKPE empowers MSME exporters to pursue global growth without financial constraints.

Sanjay Tripathy

Strides of Success

In just 60 days, BRISKPE has gained the trust of over 250 customers. The platform’s rapid strides reflect its commitment to transforming cross-border payments and enhancing global connectivity for Indian businesses.

Every Penny is Safe and Secure with BriskPe!

BRISKPE stands as a beacon of trust for organizations of all sizes, providing a secure and reliable cross-border payment platform.

With a focus on data encryption, every financial transaction is safeguarded, ensuring the safety of every penny entrusted to us. Our commitment to efficiency means getting paid 2x faster, offering a seamless cross-border solution for businesses.

The transparency of our global payment solutions, with a less than 1% all-inclusive charge, makes BRISKPE the go-to choice for organizations looking to grow their business while prioritizing security and cost-effectiveness.

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BRISKPE‘s Vision for Tomorrow

BRISKPE aspires to transform global payments for MSMEs by providing all-encompassing solutions that guarantee cost-effectiveness, speed, accessibility, advanced payment tracking, and unwavering bank-grade compliance. The platform envisions a future where MSMEs can thrive globally without financial barriers.

BRISKPE’s journey is not just about transactions; it’s about unlocking unprecedented success for MSMEs in the global arena. With innovation at its core and a commitment to simplicity, BriskPe is set to redefine how businesses approach cross-border payments. Join the revolution and embrace a future where global transactions are truly seamless.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does BRISKPE simplify international transactions for MSMEs?

BRISKPE simplifies international transactions for MSMEs by operating on a transparent fee structure, charging a flat 1% (inclusive of GST) on the total transaction amount. This eliminates traditional international fees, making cross-border transactions cost-efficient and hassle-free.

What sets BRISKPE apart in the cross-border payments space?

BRISKPE stands out by prioritizing simplicity and cost-effectiveness for MSMEs engaged in cross-border trade. The platform’s innovative approach eradicates high transaction fees, SWIFT charges, FIRC expenses, and forex charges, offering a streamlined solution for international business transactions.

How has BRISKPE performed since its inception in 2023?

In 60 days, BRISKPE has gained the trust of over 250 customers nationwide, making remarkable strides in its mission to transform cross-border payments. The platform is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs and MSMEs, propelling them to unprecedented success on the global stage.        


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