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Hop Electric, Game-Changing Startup In The Two-Wheeler Industry.

Hop Electric

Are you tired of the rising fuel costs and the environmental impact of traditional vehicles? 

Are you looking for an affordable and reliable electric two-wheeler solution that suits your pocket and contributes to a cleaner environment? 

Hop Electric EV

Look no further! Hop Electric Mobility, founded by the visionary trio Rahil Gupta, Ketan Mehta, and Nikhil Bhatia, is here to redefine your commuting experience.

Embarking on the Hop Electric Journey

Founded on January 31, 2020, Hop Electric Mobility is not just an electric vehicle company; it’s a game-changer in the two-wheeler industry. 

Rahil Gupta, with his tech entrepreneurship background, Ketan Mehta, the founder of Rays Power Infra, and Nikhil Bhatia, a bold marketer, joined forces to create an accessible and affordable electric mobility solution for the masses.

Ketan, Rahil & Nikhil Founders Of Hop Electric

About Hop Electric Mobility

Hop Electric Mobility, the electric two-wheeler company, welcomes you to a realm where innovation converges with accessibility, transforming the landscape of Bharat’s transportation.

With a dedicated focus on design, manufacturing, and retailing, Hop Electric Mobility stands out by delivering advanced electric scooters and motorcycles that redefine affordability. 

The company’s distinctiveness lies in its commitment to developing cost-effective solutions that cater to a wide demographic. 

The journey began with a keen observation of the gap in the Indian electric motorcycle space, prompting the creation of a tailored portfolio to address this void. 

The result was the highly acclaimed Hop OXO, an advanced high-speed electric motorcycle that garnered phenomenal customer feedback since its debut last year. 

Boasting over 25,000 scooters and motorcycles sold, including a recent expansion into retail motorcycle sales, Hop Electric Mobility has already made a significant impact by saving over 15 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Hop Electric Mobility is on a mission to electrify transport and provide accessible mobility solutions deep into Bharat. 

The company designs, manufactures, and retails advanced electric scooters and motorcycles. What sets them apart is their commitment to developing cost-effective solutions that are reliable and rugged, making them accessible to a vast population.

Driving Innovation, Creating Impact

Hop Electric Mobility’s distinctiveness is underscored by its innovative use of battery and powertrain technology, employing advanced manufacturing processes, and executing a strategic distribution strategy that has earned acclaim. 

Catering to a diverse audience in Tier 2, 3, 4, etc., Hop Electric Mobility’s offerings bring economic savings on petrol fuel, coupled with low maintenance and service costs, all while offering noise-free and zero greenhouse gas emission benefits. 

The company’s success is rooted in its unwavering commitment to creating meaningful impact through innovation, as evidenced by the satisfaction of its 25,000 happy customers, with 65% residing in Tier 2 and beyond. 

With a visionary approach to further market penetration through its current and upcoming lineup of products, Hop Electric Mobility aspires to become a household name, leading the charge for reliable EVs not only across India but beyond. 

Meet the Brilliant Minds Behind Hop Electric

The co-founders, Rahil Gupta, Ketan Mehta, and Nikhil Bhatia, bring a wealth of experience and expertise to Hop Electric Mobility. Their visionary leadership has driven the company’s success, making it a household name in the electric two-wheeler industry.

Hop Electric Business Model

With a current valuation of 750 crores and an annual revenue of 150 crores, Hop Electric Mobility adopts a flexible B2C business model. They generate revenue by selling electric vehicles (scooters and motorcycles) and offering battery-as-a-service subscriptions.

Futuristic Aspirations of Hop Electric

Hop Electric envisions becoming the world’s most trusted electric two-wheeler brand. Their goal is not just to sell products but to create a global hub where users find not only reliable electric vehicles but also a supportive community for their journey.

Empowering Bharat with Hop Electric

Hop Electric is committed to providing reliable and affordable electric two-wheeler solutions to Bharat. With an emphasis on economic savings, low maintenance, and no greenhouse gas emissions, they have already garnered over 25,000 happy customers. 

The impact of Hop Electric goes beyond sales, saving over 15 million kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Exciting Milestones at Hop Electric

Since its launch in 2020, Hop Electric has achieved remarkable milestones. They’ve grown from 0 to 180 exclusive dealerships in 17 states, creating a vast distribution network. 

The team has expanded from 3 to 200 people in under three years, and they’ve helped customers save more than 20 million kilograms of CO2.

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Join the Hop Electric Movement

Ready to make the switch to reliable and affordable electric mobility? Join the Hop Electric movement by exploring their lineup of scooters and motorcycles on their website, Hop Electric Mobility is not just a brand; it’s a lifestyle choice that empowers you and contributes to a greener future.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Hop Electric contribute to reducing emissions?

Hop Electric offers reliable and affordable electric scooters and motorcycles, helping users switch to a cleaner mode of transportation and collectively saving millions of kilograms of CO2 emissions.

Can international customers benefit from Hop Electric’s products?

Currently, Hop Electric is focused on providing accessible electric mobility solutions to the Indian market. However, with their vision of becoming a global brand, international expansion may be on the horizon.

How does Hop Electric differentiate itself from traditional two-wheeler options?

Hop Electric stands out by offering cost-effective electric two-wheelers designed for reliability and ruggedness. The focus is on providing economic savings, low maintenance, and no greenhouse gas emissions, making them an attractive and responsible choice for consumers.


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