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Fixpapa Founders Pradeep Arora and Tarun Arora Offer Reliable IT Hardware Services in India with Unique E-Waste Reduction Initiatives


India generates over 3 million tons of e-waste every year. 

With technology advancing rapidly, electronic devices become obsolete almost as soon as they hit the market. The result? Piles of discarded gadgets cluttering homes and landfills. 

Fixpapa, founded by Chetan and Vartika Saini, is here to change that. This inspiring startup is an e-waste management company with a hope for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

Meet the Visionaries: Chetan and Vartika Saini

Chetan Saini, a seasoned entrepreneur with a background in IT hardware, and Vartika Saini, a dynamic co-founder with extensive experience in the same field, are the driving forces behind Fixpapa

Their journey began in the city of Jaipur, Rajasthan, where their shared passion for technology and sustainability led them to establish Fixpapa on November 9, 2020.


Chetan’s journey in IT hardware started over 17 years ago. With hands-on experience in hardware engineering, product development, and sales, he ventured into entrepreneurship, driven by a desire to tackle the pressing issue of electronic waste. 

Vartika, with her 12 years of expertise in quality assurance, project management, and strategic planning, complements Chetan’s technical skills with her visionary outlook and commitment to excellence. Married since January 2011, this power couple has been working together in the IT sector, supporting each other every step of the way.

The Story of Fixpapa


Fixpapa was born out of a simple idea: to help individuals and businesses responsibly dispose of their old electronics while promoting sustainability. The founders saw a gap in the market for a unified platform that addressed e-waste management comprehensively. 

They envisioned a tech-enabled AI platform that would connect IT hardware professionals with B2B and B2C customers, providing seamless repair, installation, sales, and maintenance services.

Starting any business comes with its fair share of challenges, and Fixpapa was no exception. From market validation to funding, and from building a team to navigating regulatory compliance, the journey was arduous. 

Initially bootstrapped until March 2022, they eventually secured investment from two angel investors, which fueled their dream and invigorated the entire team.

A Unique Business Model

Fixpapa operates on a multi-faceted business model that serves various stakeholders:

– Individual Consumers: Fixpapa offers repair services, recycling options, and refurbished gadgets, helping consumers extend the lifespan of their electronics and responsibly dispose of old devices.

–  Businesses and Organizations : Companies benefit from Fixpapa’s e-waste management services, ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and enhancing their CSR profiles.

–  Electronics Manufacturers : Fixpapa collaborates with manufacturers to promote sustainability, reducing e-waste and enhancing brand reputation.

–  Recycling Companies : By providing a steady supply of e-waste, Fixpapa supports recycling companies in processing and extracting valuable materials.

–  Government and Regulatory Bodies : Fixpapa helps governments achieve e-waste reduction targets and comply with regulations.

–  Environmental Advocates and NGOs : Fixpapa aligns with the goals of environmental advocates by promoting sustainable practices.

–  Communities and Local Economies : Fixpapa creates job opportunities, reduces pollution, and supports economic development through recycling initiatives.

Their revenue streams include repair services, recycling, refurbishment and resale, rental services, and annual maintenance contracts (AMCs).

Pioneering Revenue Streams

Fixpapa generates revenue through various verticals:

  • Repair Services : Customers pay for diagnosing and fixing hardware or software issues, component replacement, and device functionality restoration.
  • Recycling Services : Fees are charged for collecting, dismantling, and recycling e-waste responsibly.
  • Reuse and Refurbishment : Faulty or outdated gadgets are bought, refurbished, and sold or rented at a profit.
  • Rental of IT Gadgets : Laptops, projectors, and servers are rented out, providing access to the latest technology without the upfront cost of purchasing new devices.

This diversified approach ensures a steady stream of income while promoting sustainability and reducing electronic waste.

The Heart of Fixpapa: Vision and Mission

Talking about the mission and vision of Fixpapa, the founders opened up: 

“In our mission at Fixpapa, we aim to revolutionize the disorganized IT hardware market by offering streamlined services for repair, installation, sales, and maintenance. We are committed to combating electronic waste by engaging partners and freelance engineers on our platform, enhancing partners’ sales, and providing employment opportunities for hardware engineers. By 2026, our goal is to reach 1 million customers, establish a network of over 100,000 partners, and create physical hubs for technology entrepreneurs in every district of India.

Our vision is to lead the IT hardware and allied service sector by providing the most reliable platform and services to our customers. We are dedicated to the principles of repair, reduce, recycle, reuse/refurbish, and rental, driving our efforts towards a greener future.”

Some More Stories

A Journey Marked by Challenges and Triumphs

The road to success is rarely smooth, and Fixpapa’s journey has been no different. From validating their business idea to securing funding and building a talented team, the initial days were filled with hurdles. They faced technical challenges in developing their platform and ensuring it was secure and scalable. Navigating regulatory compliance and differentiating themselves in a competitive market were also significant obstacles.


However, with resilience and determination, Fixpapa overcame these challenges. Their platform now serves as a one-stop destination for IT hardware services, offering high-quality parts and post-sales support. 

By extending their services to Tier 1, 2, 3, and 4 cities, they have created a nationwide impact, contributing to environmental sustainability and reducing carbon footprints.

Fixpapa’s story is one of passion and perseverance. It’s about a couple who dared to dream big and worked tirelessly to turn that dream into reality. Their journey serves as an inspiration to aspiring entrepreneurs and a reminder that with the right mindset and unwavering commitment, anything is possible.

Are you ready to join the movement towards a cleaner, more sustainable future? Visit Fixpapa today and be a part of the change!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 What is Fixpapa? 

Fixpapa is a tech-enabled AI platform based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, that offers comprehensive IT hardware services, including repair, installation, sales, and maintenance, to B2B and B2C customers across India.

How does Fixpapa generate revenue? 

Fixpapa earns through various streams such as repair services, recycling e-waste, refurbishing and reselling electronics, renting out IT gadgets, and offering annual maintenance contracts.

Who founded Fixpapa? 

Fixpapa was founded by Chetan Saini, an experienced entrepreneur with 17 years in the IT hardware sector, and co-founded by Vartika Saini, who brings 12 years of expertise in the same field.

What sets Fixpapa apart from other e-waste management companies? 

Fixpapa stands out due to its comprehensive approach to e-waste management, combining repair, recycling, refurbishment, and rental services, all powered by a tech-enabled AI platform.

Who are Fixpapa’s target customers? 

Fixpapa’s target audience includes individual consumers, businesses, organizations, electronics manufacturers, recycling companies, government bodies, environmental advocates, and educational institutions.

What is Fixpapa’s mission? 

Fixpapa’s mission is to streamline the IT hardware market, offer high-quality services, and tackle electronic waste through sustainable practices, aiming to reach 1 million customers by 2026.


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