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Founded by Brenton in Portland: Twibi Digital Offering Strategies for Startups to Scale Since 2021


Did you know that businesses using Google Ads see an average return of $2 for every $1 spent? In today’s digital age, the right marketing strategy can turn your brand from unrecognized to outstanding. Enter Twibi Digital Marketing Agency, a company making waves by helping businesses scale without breaking the bank. Let’s look into the story of Twibi, where every campaign is crafted with precision, passion, and a sprinkle of human touch.

Meet Brenton: The Visionary Behind Twibi


Brenton, the heart and soul behind Twibi, boasts over seven years of expertise in paid search, paid social, organic social media, and SEO. With an MBA in International Marketing from Saint Mary’s College of California, Brenton’s journey in digital marketing is as diverse as it is impressive. From working with billion-dollar enterprises to ambitious startups, he has seen it all.

Brenton’s professional journey took a dramatic turn when, after just three months, he was let go from his role as a Director of Marketing at a software company. Instead of being deterred, he saw this as an opportunity to create something new. Thus, Twibi was born in 2021, and Brenton’s expertise quickly turned it into a dynamic digital marketing agency.

The Birth of Twibi: A Journey of Passion and Perseverance

Founded on December 2, 2021, in Portland, Oregon, Twibi emerged from Brenton’s determination to turn a setback into a success story. What started as a one-man show quickly grew into a cohesive team of marketing experts dedicated to helping businesses thrive.

Brenton’s initial goal is to offer businesses a way to scale without the hefty price tags often associated with top-tier marketing services. With a keen understanding of ROI and a passion for storytelling, Twibi set out to transform the digital marketing landscape.

Twibi’s Unique Approach: Tailored Strategies for Every Business

Operating on a versatile B2B, B2C, and D2C business model, Twibi specializes in managing Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, and email marketing campaigns, focusing on driving leads and maximizing revenue. What sets Twibi apart is its commitment to providing efficient and effective solutions tailored to each client’s unique needs.

Instead of offering generic strategies, Twibi dives deep into understanding each business’s challenges and goals. Their data-driven approach and creative expertise ensure that every campaign not only reaches the right audience but also delivers measurable results.


From Struggles to Success: The Journey of Twibi

Twibi’s journey has been one of learning and growth. Starting from scratch, Brenton faced numerous challenges, from building a client base to establishing a strong market presence. But his unwavering determination and the support of a talented team turned these challenges into stepping stones.

Today, Twibi generates substantial revenue by offering top-notch digital marketing services that help businesses grow. By focusing on ROI and efficiency, they’ve managed to carve out a niche in the competitive world of digital marketing.

Vision and Mission: Building Success Stories

Twibi’s vision is to build a cohesive team and a log of satisfied clients who rely on them to generate revenue and drive growth. Their mission is to make digital marketing accessible, intuitive, and outcome-driven for businesses of all sizes.

With a goal to reach seven-figure revenue within the next few years, Twibi is dedicated to leaving lasting impressions and helping brands define their unique space in the digital world. They believe in the power of storytelling, crafting every strategy as a narrative that blends data and creativity.

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More Than Just Marketing: Twibi’s Commitment to Clients

At Twibi, it’s an artful fusion of creativity and analytics. Their dedication to understanding each brand’s unique story ensures that every campaign resonates deeply with its target audience.

We focus on solving the major problems startups face with their marketing budgets,” Brenton says to Karo Startup. “Our goal is to provide affordable digital marketing expertise that delivers real results without the hefty retainers that can be a burden for startups,”says the founder.

Twibi’s methodology is distinctive, tailored, and forward-thinking. They don’t just react to market shifts; they anticipate them, positioning Twibi as a trusted partner for brands aiming to make a lasting impact.

Whether you’re an emerging brand or a seasoned business looking to scale, Twibi is your go-to partner for crafting a digital presence that’s both authentic and influential. Ready to embark on your journey to success? Reach out to Twibi today, and let’s create digital magic together!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Twibi Digital Marketing Agency?

Twibi is a digital marketing agency based in Portland, Oregon, specializing in managing Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads, LinkedIn Ads, SEO, and email marketing campaigns.

How does Twibi generate revenue?

Twibi generates revenue by providing digital marketing services that help businesses grow, focusing on driving leads and maximizing ROI through tailored marketing strategies.

Who founded Twibi?

Twibi was founded by Brenton, a seasoned digital marketing expert with over seven years of experience in paid search, paid social, organic social media, and SEO.

What makes Twibi unique?

Twibi stands out due to its tailored, efficient, and data-driven approach to digital marketing. They focus on providing affordable solutions that deliver real results, particularly for startups.

Who are Twibi’s target clients?

Twibi caters to businesses of all sizes, with a particular focus on startups and companies looking to scale efficiently without large marketing budgets.

What is Twibi’s vision?

Twibi aims to build a cohesive team and a list of happy clients, helping them generate revenue and achieve their business goals through strategic and effective digital marketing.


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