iOS 17.5 Update Enhancements and New Features

iOS 17.5 Update Enhancements and New Features

19 April 2024 Apple’s forthcoming iOS 17.5 update is set to introduce significant enhancements across various aspects, including user interface redesigns, bug fixes, and bolstered security measures, along with notable additions to existing features and apps.

The iOS 17.5 beta testing phase has commenced, enabling developers to explore and evaluate the new updates. Public beta versions will follow suit for broader real-world testing, leading up to the final release expected within weeks, aligning with Apple’s standard update timelines.

New guidelines in iOS 17.5 permit EU-based developers to distribute apps directly from their websites, subject to compliance with revised App Store regulations. However, the introduction of a Core Technology Fee may impact profitability, although it opens avenues for wider app distribution, particularly beneficial for startups and medium-size developers.

iOS 17.5 introduces several key features, including the immersive game ‘Quartiles‘ for Apple News+ subscribers, a revamped Podcasts widget, and improvements to the Apple Books app and Settings interface. The Find My Network feature now includes an anti-stalking mechanism, enhancing user privacy and security.

For Mobile Device Management (MDM) users, iOS 17.5 offers advancements such as the option to enforce beta versions for automatic device enrollment, aligning with regulatory compliance like the European Union’s Digital Markets Act.


iOS 17.5 showcases Apple’s commitment to delivering enhanced user experiences, robust security measures, and streamlined app distribution processes, highlighting a balance between innovation and user safety within the iOS ecosystem.

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