Cape Revolutionizes Private Communications on USCellular’s IoT Network

Cape Revolutionizes Private Communications on USCellular's IoT Network

20 April 2024 CEO and co-founder John Doyle’s background in military communications and tech industry experience led to the creation of Cape, driven by a vision to provide private connectivity without compromising user privacy or divulging personal information.

Doyle’s mission with Cape is to reset the default model of mobile network connectivity, where users often have to sacrifice their location and identity details. Cape aims to offer connectivity without demanding such information, challenging the status quo of network access.

Cape recently emerged from stealth mode and partnered with UScellular’s nationwide IoT network, leveraging its robust infrastructure and tower density for IoT and industrial applications. UScellular’s extensive network coverage provides a solid foundation for Cape’s innovative approach to private communications.

While USCellular’s IoT network initially focused on data services, Cape is pioneering voice services over this infrastructure. By utilizing their full-stack MVNO capabilities, Cape can offer voice services on USCellular’s network, extending connectivity options to modern smartphones without compromising privacy.

Cape is currently conducting internal beta testing with staff members nationwide, preparing for a consumer launch later this year. With a focus on enterprise and government customers as early adopters, Cape anticipates widespread adoption of its private communication solutions.


Cape’s innovative approach to private communications, riding on USCellular’s IoT network, signals a paradigm shift in connectivity where privacy and security are paramount. As Cape prepares for its consumer launch, it sets the stage for a new era of secure and private mobile connectivity solutions.

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