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LeSo, Pioneering a Seamless Travel Experience Through Innovation


In a world where international travel is both a dream and a necessity, navigating the complexities of visa applications can be a daunting task. Enter LeSo, an innovative online visa marketplace founded in 2023 by the dynamic duo Vivek Anandan and Abbas Abidi. This blog takes you on a journey through the origins, mission, and impact of LeSo, shedding light on how it’s revolutionising the travel experience for millions of Indian globetrotters. Travelling abroad is no more a headache but a seamless process.

The Visionaries Behind LeSo:

LeSo was co-founded in 2023 by Vivek Anandan and Abbas Abidi.

Meet Vivek Anandan, a trailblazer in entrepreneurship with a prestigious education from NIT Jamshedpur, IIM Lucknow, and ESCP Paris. His wealth of experience in the distribution business, particularly in India’s vibrant T2 and T3 cities, laid the foundation for LeSo. Vivek also makes the popular podcast “Kaafideep Konversations,” where he explores various topics ranging from philosophy to wealth creation to poetry.

With a contrasting skillset, Abbas Abidi co-founder and the creative technocrat and an NMIMS alumnus, who honed his Product and Strategy expertise working with global tech giants like Hewlett Packard Enterprise. Beyond his business and product obsession, Abbas is a published author of the fiction novel, “The Transcension.”

Together, they form the visionary leadership driving LeSo’s mission.

The Founders’ Journey:

Vivek and Abbas, whose friendship spans over half a decade after they met at a house party, build their partnership after recognizing the vast opportunity in the legal tech landscape. Despite challenges, such as leaving stable jobs and finding the right technical talent, they remained committed to their vision. Through an extensive hiring process, they welcomed two talented tech leads from IIT Mandi and IIT Roorkee to their team, setting the stage for LeSo’s growth.

Vivek & Abbas Co-founders of LeSo

The Birth of LeSo:

Approximately six months ago, LeSo was born out of Vivek and Abbas’s realisation of the untapped potential in leveraging technology for efficient solutions in the legal services sector. Focusing on the visa and international travel services market, they set out to simplify the complex visa processes faced by the 5 crore international Indian travellers.

The Innovative Revenue Model:

LeSo’s B2C unique approach involves seamlessly integrating technology with expert consultancy services. Their revenue model rests on two pillars:

  • Service Fee: LeSo simplifies the visa application process by offering personalised guidance and leveraging cutting-edge technology. In return for a nominal service fee, travellers receive value-added services that save both time and effort.
  • Co-selling and Upselling: Beyond visas, LeSo provides a suite of complementary solutions, from travel insurance to curated tour bookings. By strategically partnering with leading service providers, LeSo transforms into a one-stop solution for all travel needs, creating additional revenue streams.

In a conversation with Karostartup, the Founders of LeSo stated,“By leveraging cutting-edge technology and acting as trusted consultants, we ensure that our customers follow best practices while applying for a Visa with us to reduce rejection rates. At the same time, we address information asymmetry that exists in the market when it comes to Visa processes and guidelines leaving travellers confused.”

LeSo’s Vision and Mission:

LeSo’s vision is to make international travel effortless for every Indian traveller. Their mission is to revolutionise the travel experience by simplifying visa services and expanding to cover various facets of the travel industry, including insurance, bookings, and curated experiences.

“Looking ahead, we envision expanding our footprint beyond India and reaching customers across different geographies. We will continue to innovate and diversify our offerings to meet the evolving needs of travellers worldwide. Through strategic partnerships and developing in-house capabilities, we plan to expand into various segments like bookings, experiences, forex and insurance. By keeping customers at the centre, we aim to become the go-to platform for all international travel services, empowering individuals to explore the world with ease,” says Abbas Abidi, the co-founder of LeSo.

Impact and Challenges:

Since its inception, LeSo has made significant strides in empowering travellers, addressing information gaps, and streamlining visa processes. Despite challenges, the founders remain committed to providing innovative and impactful solutions to the travel industry.

Target Audience and Outreach:

LeSo targets a diverse range of users, from Gen-Z and Millennials to travel enthusiasts and frequent international travellers. They employ various channels, including social media, online advertising, partnerships, influencers, and informative content, to reach their audience effectively.

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Setting LeSo Apart:

In an evolving online visa market, LeSo distinguishes itself by prioritising user experience, verified information, swift visa delivery, and responsive customer support. By consistently exceeding customer expectations, LeSo aims to build trust and loyalty among its users.


As LeSo continues to redefine the online visa marketplace, it stands as a testament to the power of innovation and dedication. With visionary leaders at the helm, a unique revenue model, and a commitment to user satisfaction, LeSo is paving the way for a new era in seamless and enjoyable international travel for every Indian explorer.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is LeSo?

LeSo is an innovative online visa marketplace that simplifies and streamlines the visa application process for international Indian travellers.

Q: When was LeSo founded?

LeSo was founded in 2023 by Vivek Anandan and Abbas Abidi.

Q: Who are the founders of LeSo?

LeSo was co-founded by Vivek Anandan, a trailblazer in entrepreneurship, and Abbas Abidi, a creative technocrat.

Q: What is LeSo’s mission?

LeSo’s mission is to revolutionise the travel experience for every Indian traveller by simplifying visa services and expanding to cover various facets of the travel industry.

Q: How does LeSo generate revenue?

LeSo’s revenue model is built on two pillars: a nominal service fee for simplified visa applications and co-selling and upselling complementary travel solutions.

Q: What services does LeSo offer beyond visa applications?

LeSo offers a suite of complementary solutions, including travel insurance, curated tour bookings, and meticulously planned itineraries, enhancing the overall travel experience.

Q: How does LeSo address information asymmetry in visa processes?

LeSo leverages technology and expert consultancy services to address information gaps, providing travellers with guidance and support throughout the visa application process.

Q: How does LeSo reach its target audience?

LeSo reaches its diverse target audience through various channels, including social media platforms, online advertising, partnerships with travel agencies, influencers, bloggers, and informative content on their website and blog.

Q: What sets LeSo apart from competitors in the industry?

LeSo distinguishes itself by prioritising user experience, verified information, swift delivery, and responsive customer support, ensuring a superior travel service for its users.


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