Purdue’s Concrete Strength Sensing System Wins Edison Award

Purdue's Concrete Strength Sensing System Wins Edison Award

20 April 2024 Purdue University’s groundbreaking invention, the REBEL Concrete Strength Sensing System, has been honored with a gold Edison Award in the Critical Human Infrastructure category. This accolade acknowledges the system’s potential to revolutionize construction and repair processes for concrete highway pavement and various structures.

The Edison Awards, renowned for celebrating innovation, have previously recognized industry giants like Honeywell and General Motors. Purdue’s achievement underscores the disruptive impact of the REBEL system in the construction and infrastructure landscape.

The REBEL system features sensors embedded in fresh concrete pours, enabling real-time measurement of concrete strength levels. This technology streamlines construction timelines, reduces repair needs, and enhances the durability of critical infrastructure like highways, bridges, and buildings.

By optimizing concrete strength monitoring, the REBEL system offers substantial environmental benefits. It reduces carbon emissions associated with construction-related traffic congestion, aligning with sustainability goals and contributing to a greener infrastructure ecosystem.

The REBEL system’s accolades include recognition by TIME’s Best Inventions list and Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech. Its adoption by multiple U.S. states and inclusion in federal highway studies highlight the industry’s enthusiasm for this transformative technology.


Purdue’s REBEL Concrete Strength Sensing System represents a pivotal advancement in infrastructure technology, offering unparalleled efficiency, sustainability, and cost savings. Its widespread adoption signals a shift towards smarter, more resilient construction practices, setting new standards for the industry’s future.

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