Stockify: Transforming Investment with Pre-IPO Opportunities

Stockify: Transforming Investment with Pre-IPO Opportunities

20 April 2024Stockify is revolutionizing the investment landscape with its customer-centric platform, offering streamlined access to unlisted and pre-IPO shares, catering to investors’ enthusiasm for innovative opportunities.

Founded by visionary chartered accountants, Stockify has rapidly grown to serve over 2000 customers monthly, expanding its global footprint from offices in Bangalore, Kolkata, and Dubai, with plans for further international expansion.

Comprehensive Investment Solutions
Stockify’s diverse offerings include unlisted and preIPO shares, startup funding, mutual funds, bonds, NCDs, insurance-linked investments, and share dematerialization, providing investors with a comprehensive investment gateway.

Unlike many startups, Stockify operates on a bootstrap profit-making model, reinvesting earnings into business expansion and product portfolio diversification, achieving a remarkable 40x sales growth in 2022-2023.

Stockify identifies high-potential companies, conducts thorough due diligence, and offers investors opportunities to invest early in potential “multibaggers,” aiming for significant returns over the next three to five years.

With plans to enter the global market, launch mutual fund portals, venture into the bond market, and forge strategic partnerships, Stockify is poised to become a global leader in facilitating investments in unlisted and pre-IPO shares.


Stockify’s mission to connect investors with promising yet unlisted companies highlights its pivotal role in fostering investment growth and wealth maximization. As it expands globally and diversifies its offerings, Stockify remains committed to empowering investors and fueling entrepreneurial success.

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