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Digital Notebook Startup Story, Taking Your Company To New Heights

Digital Notebook

Do you struggle to create brand value for your company in this ever-growing industry? Do you feel stressed about not getting new customers? Hey, don’t stress! Digital Notebook is here with its innovative strategies to solve all your problems.

Digital Notebook, based in Noida, is a digital marketing agency offering creative marketing solutions to companies, including lead generation, advertising and much more.

That’s so cool, right? So what are we waiting for? Let’s quickly delve into knowing more about this platform. This article covers all the necessary details about Digital Notebook, its vision, mission, business model and much more.

Everything You Need to Know about Digital Notebook

Digital Notebook

Digital Notebook, launched in November 2019, is a digital marketing agency which utilizes its technical expertise and creativity to help clients derive actionable insights from data.

They are a team of passionate youth who believe in the value of hard work and execution. The company allows businesses to engage with more customers by claiming their position online.

It offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions with experts in SEO, social media marketing, PPC advertising, email marketing, content marketing, and more. The agency presents customised solutions to clients to achieve their specific marketing objectives.

It works closely with them to understand their business goals and develop an individualized strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Meet the Creative team of Digital Notebook

Vinay Sodhwal, along with his co-founders Rakshit Sharda and Harish Sodhwal, designed this platform to cater to the marketing needs of business firms.

Vinay Sodhwal, the founder and CEO of the agency, is the youngest entrepreneur, aged 22, from Muzaffarnagar, India. He is still a student but is a skilled and passionate digital marketer and social media communicator.

He also possesses amazing WordPress skills. His passion for blogging, technology and digital marketing makes him the best entrepreneur. He is also a multi-tasker.

Rakshit Sharda, the co-founder, was first in the corporate sector but soon realised that he wanted to do his own business.

This thought gave him the idea to set up a Digital Notebook with his Friend. His focus is to grow and educate clients and companies.

He is highly responsible and committed with excellent client management and satisfaction.

Now, his dream is to make Digital Notebook the leading and preferred Digital Marketing agency in India.

Talking about, Harish Sodhwal, started his first job in 2011 along with his studies but discovered that he was not born for the job.

He did not study business but gained experience by implementing small business ideas in his life. He guided Digital Notebook into a successful company. 

Its Business Model

Digital Notebook is a fully bootstrapped venture, wherein the team uses their resources to meet the company’s finances, instead of looking out for investors for raising funds. The agency adopts a B2B business model.

This model allows the team to offset their top-notch services and assistance to various business enterprises. It makes revenue by offering the services of Website Development, Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Management and Lead Generation.

Future Goals

Digital Notebook envisions being the driving force behind transformative digital experiences. It aspires to empower businesses to thrive in the dynamic online regime.

In addition, it hopes for a future where its technical expertise, creative skills and data-driven insights take companies to new heights.

Its dedicated team of professionals aim to redefine industry standards and design creative strategies that align with the unique needs and requirements of each customer.

Vinay Founder Of Digital Notebook

Remarkable Journey So Far

At 18, Vinay Sodhwal decided to resign from his marketing job and begin his entrepreneurial journey to start his own Digital Marketing Agency.

In 2019, he officially launched his Digital Agency from his single rented room without proper planning. Everything went smoothly, but then COVID-19 hit India and the progress came to a pause.

Luckily, he met Rakshit Sharda during the Lockdown period who was also doing a Job in a Digital Marketing company.

Then Rakshit also took an interest in the same and left his job permanently to join the venture “Digital Notebook – A Digital Marketing Agency”.

As things settled, suddenly the government again announced the second lockdown in March 2021, but this time, they didn’t let it affect their work and started operating from home.

After waiting almost one year, they bounced back in April 2022 with a new office space. Today, with a dedicated team of 20+ members, they take immense pride in serving clients in India, USA, UAE, Australia, Ireland, and beyond. 

Vinay Founder Of Digital Notebook

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Digital Notebook has established itself as a successful venture in a short period. It has made its prominent mark in the industry by offering innovative digital marketing solutions to its clients. Utilising its services, the business firms can reach to greatest heights and can create a significant market value. Now, companies don’t have to struggle to get new customers as Digital Notebook helps in generating leads ensuring the growth of companies. Do you wish to know more about them? Then don’t be shy and just visit their official website to get a clear understanding of their unique strategies and techniques.


Q1. Who is the founder of Digital Notebook?

Vinay Sodhwal is the man behind this amazing creation.

Q2. When and where was the company founded?

Digital Notebook was founded in 2019 in Noida.

Q3. What business model is adopted by Digital Notebook?

Digital Notebook adopts a B2B business model to cater to the different needs of business enterprises.


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